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Most Advanced Cryptocurrency Platform

Unlike other projects that promise amazing utilities in the future, ShibaNetwork delivers the future, now.

Easy To Transact

Our beautiful Decentralized Exchange, ShibaNetwork makes it easy to switch out any token for another, in seconds.

Rapid Growth

Our system can handle hundreds of thousands of transactions daily and with state of the art features and functionality ShibaNetwork is about to set the cryptocurrency world ablaze.

Foolproof Security

Our contracts use the best practices available, meaning investors and traders alike will have peace of mind knowing their transactions and coins are secure.

The Promise of ShibaNetwork

ShibaNetwork will be home to some of the leading tools in the decentralized finance space. Our first tool, ShibaNetwork, is a state of the art DEX (Decentralized Exchange). But stay tuned, we have much, much more on the way.

Crypto Trading Platform

ShibaNetwork Swap is a revolutionary way to swiftly and securely exchange thousands of cryptocurrencies in real time.

Strong Community

The ShibaNetwork Team is well-versed at building and sustaining a strong community.

Guided By Experience

12+ years of experience in the Crypto space gives us the edge to make informed decisions along the way.

Built for growth


Contract : 0x361ec08b7ab83c6144475bb560cf7d0e2a61aad0

Total supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000

Genesis date: March 20th, 2022

Deflationary: 70% will be burned before launch

Our Community:

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